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RHQ PARA WOULD APPRECIATE IT IF YOU COULD SHARE THE MESSAGE BELOW FROM THE COLONEL COMMANDANT AND THE REGIMENT ACROSS YOUR NETWORKS: You will be aware that a former soldier, from our Regiment, has been arrested as part of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) investigation into the events of Bloody Sunday. While the […]

Best of the BTCC meets the best of the British Army!


Successful teams get better by learning from each other was the message of a visit to The Parachute Regiment by the Honda Yuasa Racing team, who won the 2015 British Touring Car Championships. The racing team visited Merville Barracks in Colchester today to learn about the demands of military life and what they can apply from […]

The Parachute Regiment Calendar 2016 Out Now!


The 2016 Official Parachute Regiment Calendars are now in stock, available for immediate dispatch! Click Here to get yours now!



On Monday 30th November 2015, 16 Air Assault Brigade will re-subordinate under Commander Field Army (CFA) from Joint Helicopter Command (JHC). To mark the occasion 16 Air Assault Brigade will change the Brigade Flash back to the Pegasus, on a simple dawn parade held on Wednesday 25th November 2015. Click Here to view the full […]


Best friends Lily Townley-Taylor(L), 2, daughter of Corporal Robert Townley-Taylor with Phoenix Prue(R), 2, son of Lance Corporal Gavin Prue for the April page of the Little Troopers calendar.  See SWNS story SWARMY: A nine-day-old baby boy snuggles next to the his soldier daddy's helmet in one of hundreds of heart-warming photos entered for a military calendar. Tiny Blake Valentine-Pottinger's dad, David Pottinger was in Afghanistan when his wife, Carlie, discovered she was pregnant. The 23-year-old private, currently posted in Bulford, Wilts., managed to get home for the birth - only to be deployed on exercise weeks later. The touching photo was one of over 300 entered in a national competition to show the special bond between our Armed Forces and their families.

A big congratulations to 2 members of 2 PARA, their wives and children who claimed first place in the My Daddy Is A Soldier Adventures national calendar competition. The calendar has been created by My Daddy Is A Soldier Adventures – a charity which supports service families – which is soon to be renamed Little Troopers. Founder […]



The Parachute Regiment would like to draw your attention to a memorial service to be held at 1130hrs on Friday 6th November 2015 at St Lawrence Jewry, Guildhall Yard, London, EC2V 5AA. This service will be followed by a reception at the Red Herring Pub, 49 Gresham Street, London, EC2V 7EH where a light snack […]